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About Innsbruck Airport (INN)

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Address: Fuerstenweg 180, Parkgarage/parking Garage, Innsbruck, 6020

  Getting around

The largest international airport in western Austria, Innsbruck Airport (INN) is located a super convenient 4 km (2.5 mi) drive from central Innsbruck, and serves as the gateway to a number of world-class Alpine ski resorts and other destinations. Airport car rental companies include Avis, Alamo, National, Europcar, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, and Sixt. The rental center is adjacent to the terminal and accessed via covered walkway.

Innsbruck is a year-round hotbed of European tourism. The act of driving in Innsbruck isn’t much of a challenge; it’s dealing with hordes of other vehicles on the roads that will cause frustration. Innsbruck is an important junction between Italy, Germany, and the rest of Austria — in addition to being a popular destination in its own right. Therefore, expect heavy traffic during holiday seasons, and particularly in winter.

Generally speaking, it will be difficult to avoid traffic on major motorways, but you can do yourself a favor by avoiding the roads on Saturdays — for two reasons. First, trucks are banned from the motorways on weekends, beginning at 3:00 PM Saturday. That means truckers are making a mad dash for their last-minute destinations. Second, Innsbruck hotels are known for offering special Saturday-to-Saturday package deals. So everybody is coming and going at the same time, week after week — on Saturday.

Although your car hire provides more freedom of navigation — somewhat of a luxury these days — if you’re headed to Hohe Tauern National Park via Grossglockner High Alpine Road, it’s almost essential to rent a car. Bear in mind that snowfall means more hazardous conditions and inexperienced drivers are discouraged from attempting mountain passes in blustery conditions.

Street parking in central Innsburck is ample but restricted to 1-3 hour periods. Look for a blue stripe on the curb. Otherwise, parking garages are a relatively affordable alternative — be forewarned, nothing in Austria is particularly “cheap”.

  Choosing your car

If you compare your (INN) airport car rental options with your planned itinerary, choosing the right car will follow logically. What kind of driving are you planning to do, and how many people are with you? Seat compact and economy cars are ideal for singles and couples in town for a weekend of Austrian culture. Peugeot intermediate sedans are perfect for families doing a summer road trip to the Alps. For hitting the slopes, slap your skis on top of a Skoda estate wagon or Opel SUV. And for more than 5 passengers with gear, a Volkswagen 7-9 seater is the most optimal choice of budget minded travelers.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Innsbruck Airport


For the latest in traffic, tune your radio to 96.4 FM (Radio Tyrol).


Heavy snowfall may shut down highways and mountain passes, creating a scramble to find alternate routes. GPS is strongly recommended for Alpine driving.


The aforementioned Grossglockner High Alpine Road is generally closed from November to May.


Your airport car hire should be equipped with a Vignette toll sticker required for driving on Austrian highways. There’s a separate toll for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road has its own toll.


Daytime running headlights are required on all vehicles.


Smoking is prohibited in vehicles carrying children.

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Frequently asked questions about renting a car at Innsbruck - Airport

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