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About Dortmund Airport (DTM)

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Address: Flughafenring 1 Ankunft - Ebene 0, Dortmund, 44319

Dortmund Airport (DTM) is located 10 km (6.2 mi) east of central Dortmund, and one of the primary transportation hubs in the eastern Rhine-Ruhr area, Germany’s largest aggregate urban area. Airport car rentals from Avis, Europcar, Hertz, and Thrifty are located on the arrivals Level 0 in the terminal.

  Getting around

Because many destinations are spread out across the city, getting around Dortmund by car is recommended over public transportation. Consider this: there’s no dedicated bus or train line from the airport to the city. Most visitors will rent a car. Now, navigating the city of Dortmund proper appears to be easy at first glance. The central business district is encircled by the Bundesstraßen 4 (B54) ring road, with major routes radiating outward like clock hands on a 360-degree radius. With a GPS onboard your car hire, you won’t have to worry about parsing the confusing system of naming for German roads, and simply concentrate on driving.

The main problem with Dortmund is congestion rather than navigation. Despite its relatively modest size, the city is one of 10 similar urban developments clustered in the region, including Dusseldorf, Essen, Hagen, Duisburg, and Bochum. These cities are linked by the Autobahn network (A40, 42, 44 and 45) and E roads (European Routes, i.e. E5), that can get backed up for miles in all directions in peak hours, or as the result of ongoing road construction, or sadly, an accident. Meanwhile, the region is part of the larger industrial zone, which means lots of big trucks on the roads. The best day for driving in the Rhine-Ruhr region is Sunday, when trucks are not allowed on major roads.

  Choosing your car

You’re in Germany, you might as well rent a German car, right? You can get a great deal on a wide range of superbly engineered cars from Dortmund Airport.

Opel compact 3-door coupes and Audi economy 4-door sedans are ideal for inner city transport. Standard and premium Mercedes sedans were made for the Autobahn. Meanwhile, BMW estate wagons and SUVs are perfect for small groups and modest cargo. Volkswagen 7-9 seater minivans lead the way in German people movers.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Dortmund Airport


Check with your car rental provider if you plan to drive in other countries such as Holland, Belgium, and Luxemburg to the east. It’s generally acceptable to cross into these countries; however, restrictions may apply.


Most parking garages in Dortmund close before midnight, and many do not allow overnight parking.


If you’re getting pulled over by police in Germany, you’ll be alerted by a blinking red sign that reads "Polizei Halt" (police, stop), or "Bitte folgen" (please follow) if they want you to exit the Autobahn. You’re not likely to be stopped unless you’re breaking a rule.


Debit cards are not accepted for booking or payment of your airport car rental.


Try not to get too disoriented by road names in Germany, many of which appear in different forms but mean the exact same thing. Autobahn 45 is A45, Bundesautobahn 25 is BAB45, and European Route 40 is E40.


Unlike many countries, Collision/Loss Damage Waivers (CDW/LDW) and Theft Protection are generally not included in standard rental agreements. You either buy into your provider’s option, or provide your own insurance — a requirement for renting a car.

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