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Kotor Montenegro
Kotor Montenegro
Budva Old Town
Budva Old Town
Tara Bridge
Tara Bridge

About Montenegro (ME)

Located on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is emerging as a first-rate travel destination in the Balkans. Often described as a smaller Croatia—Montenegro is only 13,812 square kilometers, and its population is under 1 million people—it has a long, rich history and a unique character, despite only having become an independent country in 2006. The architecture and historical sites in Montenegro reflect remnants of its fascinating past. The country passed from being held by the Romans to being ruled by various tribes and medieval city states, then the Ottoman Empire. More recently, before finally becoming independent, it was part of Yugoslavia, then Serbia.

Booking a car hire in Montenegro is the best way to discover everything this tiny state has to offer. Some of the highlights of Montenegro include the splendid Durmitor National Park, the beautiful Bay of Kotor, the Tara River Canyon and the Adriatic Sea coastline.

  Getting around

Montenegro does not have a network of highways; the majority of its roads are single-lane or rural, and you will encounter varying degrees of quality. Some of the mountain roads are quite narrow and steep, so drive with caution, especially during the winter months. In general, you should plan additional time to arrive at your final destination.

  Choosing your car

Major Montenegro car rental providers include Enterprise, Hertz, Sixt and Europcar. Given that you may encounter roads of poor quality, you may want to rent a car in Montenegro with 4x4 transmission, such as an SUV or truck, especially if you are headed to more mountainous areas. For larger groups, a spacious 7—12 person mini van or people mover is a great choice. If you are looking for a dependable and cheap Montenegro car rental, go with an economy budget compact car, such as a Volkswagen or Opel. Business travelers may want to choose a convertible, sports car or luxury sedan.

  Tips and advice for renting a car in Montenegro


If you plan on visiting Montenegro during the winter months, make sure that your car rental is properly equipped to handle snow and ice on the road. A stronger transmission and snow tires would be useful, for example.


With relatively low speed limits in Montenegro, keep an eye out for speed traps to avoid getting a ticket. Police will not hesitate to issue a ticket, even if you were only slightly above the limit. Furthermore, penalties for reckless driving can be steep, including prison in some cases.


Consider getting comprehensive supplemental insurance policy to cover your car rental in Montenegro in case of any unexpected issues. Rental companies usually offer several options to choose from. Here we also offer CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) excess insurance, depending on your residency, to cover the excess imposed by car rental companies which is usually substantially cheaper than buying it direct. Another option is your travel insurance which sometimes can cover this excess.


If you are involved in an accident, stay at the scene and call 122, which the national number for the police. As in Europe, the number to call for general emergencies in Montenegro is 112.


Avoid leaving any valuables visible in your rental car, especially when it is parked.


Be aware that the roads along the coast often are along cliffs, which may be daunting to drivers who have a fear of heights.