About Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

Address: Car Rental Centre Edinburgh Apt 176 Jubilee Road, Edinburgh, Eh12 9ft

  Getting around

Edinburgh Airport (EDI) is located 9 km (6 mi) west of central Edinburgh, and the primary gateway to the dynamic and eclectic capital of Scotland. The airport has a serviceable roster of major airport car rental brands to choose from, situated in the consolidated rental center just outside the terminal.

Edinburgh is truly one of the gems of the U.K., but there are two distinct aspects to driving here: Old Town and everywhere else. Driving in the city center of Old Town is explicitly unfriendly to the automobile and those who operate the vehicle. Many streets in central Edinburgh are dead ends or closed off for one festival or another. You’ll be navigating a series of ancient one-way streets, and attempting to park in a Controlled Parking Zone. It really is as simple as this: Drive anywhere except in Old Town.

Now, before you head off to visit medieval tourist attractions in your car hire, take a moment to get your bearings. Greater Edinburgh is navigated by a ring road system that branch off into the surrounding suburbs and countryside. There are three main types of roads in Scotland. “M” routes a la the M8 are expressways — the faster roads between cities. “A” routes (the A1) are main highways (with a marginally lower speed limit). “B” routes are just regular old roads — nothing fancy. However, you’re more than likely to be using a combination of all three routes to reach your destinations — both in the city and elsewhere.

  Choosing your car

(EDI) airport car rental agencies are represented by the Big Eight: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Sixt, Thrifty, National, Hertz, and Enterprise. Choosing you car will come down to budget, functionality, and destination. Rent a car according to your needs, not your desires. Hyundai compact and Citroen economy cars are ideal for singles and couples with a set of carry-on bags. An Opel estate wagon has plenty of room for the kids and your gear. For road trips into the country, choose from standard Volkswagen and Skoda 4-door sedans. A 7-9 seater Ford minivan is essential for group and large family travel.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Edinburgh Airport


Check out the Park & Ride system for sightseeing in central Edinburgh. You can park 3-4 miles outside Old Town and take the train.


If you do drive in central Edinburgh, be advised that the speed limit is 20 mph.


The Controlled Parking Zone is for residents with a parking permit. However, there are some pockets of the city with Pay and Display street parking kiosks. Good luck finding one without a Google search.


Parking in the suburbs such as The Grange and Morningside is not much better than downtown Edinburgh.


They really don’t want you to drive in Old Town, and they really really don’t want you to park there. Fines for violations are steep and the tow trucks are said to circle the city like a pack of vultures.


Keep those seatbelts fastened. Edinburgh is notorious for its fleet of unmarked police cars looking for just such a reason to pull you over.