About San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Address: 780 North Mcdonnell Rd, 780 Mcdonnell Road, San Francisco, 94128, Ca

(SFO) is located outside of the city center of San Francisco, California. It is approximately 15 miles (24 kms) from the airport to downtown San Francisco, and it is located less than an hour by car from Oakland and Emeryville. If you're willing to travel a bit further, the airport is only about 3 hours from Sacramento.

With so much of California to explore around you, it's no wonder San Francisco is a popular place for an airport car rental. You can rent a car to explore the city or head out to the countryside and go on a wine tasting tour of Napa Valley.

  Getting around

San Francisco airport car rentals are popular, and the airport makes it easy to pick up your car rental. From any terminal, you can hop of the peoplemover known as the AirTrain. You'll want to take the AirTrain Blue Line and follow the signs to get to the Car Rental Center, towards the proximity of the airport.

Once you pick up your San Francisco International Airport car rental, it will take you approximately 45 minutes with routine traffic to get to downtown San Francisco, a straightforward ride via US-101 N. Fisherman's Wharf is a popular area in San Francisco, and you can also reach it by taking the US-101 N from the airport, which will take you about 30 minutes to get there. The airport Rental Car Center is located just off of US-101, so you will have an easy time navigating from the airport to the city.

Visitors coming to San Francisco from all over rent a car to explore not just the city, but also nearby cities, including Sacramento and Oakland. If you're a sports fan, you can come to check out the stadiums of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco '49ers, each of which are about an hour away from the airport and easy to get to. You can also explore the other sites that the city offers, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

  Choosing your car

We make it easy for you to select your San Francisco (SFO) car rental. With an easy search, we help you sort through all of the major car rental carriers that service the airport, including Alamo and Enterprise. There's also a shuttle to take you from the SFO Car Rental Center to several off-airport car rental agencies, such as Sixt and EZ Rent a car. You'll have options from compact cars to large vans, so you can find the right ride for any size group.

We bring you exclusive prices on a car hire, so you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal elsewhere. And because we know it can be confusing to rent a car, we ask other customers about their experiences, rating the car rental agencies so that you can make the best possible choice. Choose your ride with us, and you'll be amazed at what an easy and convenient experience it is.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at San Francisco Airport (california)


The San Francisco area is filled with steep hills and narrow streets. Drive carefully, and don't forget to set your parking brake when you park your car rental.


Many of the roads in San Francisco are one-way streets, so be vigilant and make sure that you don't end up going the wrong way down the street.


Parking can be tricky in San Francisco. Many street parking spots are designed for Smart Cars, and you could get a ticket for parking in the wrong spot.


Because of the difficulty in finding parking spots in San Francisco, there are apps designed to help you find a space. Download one before your trip to make travel easier.


You'll want to be careful where you decide to make a turn and follow all posted signs, as turns are not allowed everywhere.


Popular destinations such as Fisherman's Wharf get a lot of tourist traffic. You may need to park further away or pay high prices for a parking space.