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Victoria Falls Zambia
Victoria Falls Zambia

About Zambia (ZM)

Zambia is a landlocked, southern central African country. The capital, Lusaka, is the most populous city.  Although interesting, most visitors prefer to head straight to the quieter regions to avoid the congested traffic in the city.

The country is known for its stunning natural landscapes, the famous Zambezi and Luangwa rivers, the beautiful Lake Tanganyika, Lake Mweru, and Lake Kariba, as well as vast open spaces teaming with wildlife. 30% of the country is set aside as wildlife parks with South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and Kafue ranking among the most pristine game reserves in the world. Zambia also shares the Victoria falls with neighbouring Zimbabwe.

  Getting around

There is no better way to experience the essence of this country than to rent a car in Zambia and explore it. But Zambia is a large country and the road conditions vary considerably. You will need plenty of planning and patience. Gravel roads on the minor routes can be managed without a 4x4 but, but for longer trips around the country an off-road vehicle is essential, especially during the wet summers.

Since there is no rescue or roadside service, be well prepared with food, water, spares, tools and fuel before attempting the roads. Don’t rely completely on your GPS - it’s best to ask the locals for information on road conditions. If you want to have a more relaxed drive, consider doing shorter trips from a town or camp site as a base, before moving on to the next destination.

  Choosing your car

Car rental in Zambia includes international major brands such as Hertz, Alamo, Avis and Thrifty, as well as a few specialising in safari vehicles.  To avoid wasting your time, you can choose from a selection of vehicles, from 4x4s to minivans and SUVs, on our car hire booking portal. You can also add extra benefits to your Zambian car rental, such as a GPS or child seat.

However, to ensure cheap car rental rates in Zambia, we recommend that you book online in advance. It is advisable to take full insurance on your rental car in Zambia, especially for driving off-road. Also check your travel insurance, that you are covered.

  Tips and advice for renting a car in Zambia


Although Zambia is generally a safe country, one should always lock the car and not leave valuables visibly inside.


Consult your travel clinic beforehand, as it is recommended to take certain health precautions such as vaccinations and anti-malaria medication.


Avoid driving at night. There will be animals and pedestrians on the road, vehicles without lights, unannounced roadworks and even broken-down trucks with no warning triangles — a large branch in the road can be an improvised triangle.


In rural areas petrol stations can be few and far apart, and in some areas, stations might be out of fuel for days.   


When camping, check the inside of your shoes before using, as well as your bed at night. You might find bugs such a spiders or scorpions hidden away!


Electricity is not available everywhere, so best to have a car charger and power bank to charge essential equipment.


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